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Below please find our appendix of online forms organized by chapter.

Chapter I - Introduction

Chapter II - Deal Structures: Introduction to Mergers and Asset
Dell certificate of incorporation from before the merger agreement
Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation of Dell Inc.
Sample Bulk Sales Opinion
Form of Certificate of Merger
Dole Merger Agreement

Chapter III - Appraisal Rights
Dell Response to Icahn Appraisal Letter
Dell Notice of Appraisal Rights

Chapter IV - Williams Act, Section 13(d)
Schedule 13(d) Requirements
Schedule 13(d)
Allergan Schedule 13d

Chapter V - Williams Act, Tender Offer Rules
Jos. A. Bank Schedule TO

Chapter VI - Federal Proxy Rules

Chapter VII - Registering Stock

Chapter VIII - Other Regulatory Requirements

Chapter IX - Accounting
Dell 2013 Financial Statements

Chapter X - Valuation

Chapter XI - Deciding to Do a Deal

Chapter XII - Other Important Actors
Fairness Opinions, JP Morgan & Evercore
JP Morgan Board Book for Dell Merger

Chapter XIII - Preliminary Negotiations
Vulcan-Martin Marietta NDA & JDA
Yahoo!-Interclick LOI
Annotated Investment Banker Engagement Letter
Piper Jaffray Engagement Letter

Chapter XIV - The Merger Agreement
Dell Merger Agreement
Men's Wearhouse - Jos A Bank Merger Agmt
Intel-Altera Merger Agreement
eBay-Skype Merger Agreement
eBay-Skype Earnout Agreement
Facebook-Whatsapp Merger Agmt
Web.Com-Yodle Merger - Indemnification

Chapter XV - Resisting the Hostile Offer
Allergan Shareholder Right Plan

Chapter XVI - The Decision to Defend

Chapter XVII - The Sale Process

Chapter XVIII - Selling the Corporation

Chapter XIX - Conflicts of Interest

Chapter XX - Shareholder Activism

Chapter XXI - International Issues

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